Thursday, February 18, 2016

Release of ctioga2 version 0.14

The day has finally come again to release a new version of my plotting program, ctioga2. Version 0.14 features, among others:
  • a new binner, useful to make histograms;
  • a command to hide elements already presents, that can be very useful to make animations;
  • a whole set of functionalities to make it easier to draw complex grids, including easy ways to style grid elements and a way to switch to the next grid element (picture);
  • a whole series of command-file functions to obtain informations about loaded datasets;
  • a way to draw legends separately by hand;
  • and more, including bugfixes, better error reporting, such as when some of the numbers are infinite, and much much faster debug output.
As usual, the best way to update the package is running:
~ gem update ctioga2
An updated Debian package should find its way to the archive later on today. Have fun !

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