Thursday, July 21, 2016

QSoas version 2.0 is out / QSoas paper

I thought it would come before that, but I've finally gotten around releasing version 2.0 of my data analysis program, QSoas !

It provides significant improvements to the fit interface, in particular for multi-buffer fits, with a “Multi” fit engine that performs very well for large multibuffer fits, a spreadsheet editor for fit parameters, and more usability improvements. It also features the definition of fits with distribution of values of one of the fit parameter, and new built-in fits. In addition, QSoas version 2.0 features new commands to derive data, to flag buffers and handle large multi-column datasets, and improvements of existing commands. The full list of changes since version 1.0 can be found there.

As before, you can download the source code from our website, and purchase the pre-built binaries following the links from that page too.

In addition, I am glad to announce that QSoas is now described in a recent publication, Fourmond, Anal. Chem., 2016, 88, 5050-5052. Please cite this publication if you used QSoas to process your data.

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