Saturday, August 31, 2013

First release of Tioga that works on win32

While I usually don't announce releases of tioga, as it is now mostly in maintenance mode, with not a lot of new features, today is a different story. I finally got around to try and build it on windows, and after a bit of a fight, I got it to compile and work there (I got hit by the classical fopen(file, "w") for binary files, that don't make any difference on Linux and Mac, but that do on Windows...). The release is already available on the rubyforge download page. Gems will be available later on today.

To actually make it work on windows, here is what you need to install:

  • Ruby, using the one-click installer. The 1.9.3 version works just fine. Don't forget to click the box to add the executables to the PATH
  • the Ruby DevKit, at the same location. Make sure you take the one matching the Ruby version you installed (there's an explicative text on the side). You need to unpack it in the directory where Ruby got installed
  • you need to get a LaTeX distribution, try out proTeXt
  • at this point, you may need to reboot
  • then, just open a windows terminal (Execute cmd.exe) and run:
    gem install tioga

And that's it ! That also means that ctioga2 works on windows, if you run:

gem install ctioga2

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