Sunday, February 6, 2011

Doxygen for Ruby, first working draft !

Quite some time ago, I complained about the lack of support of Ruby in doxygen, the ultimate code documentation generator (at least for me). Time has passed, and I had some time and motivation to look into it and write a patch. The code is now reasonably mature to be used, altough it still lacks many features, and, most importantly, testing.

That's why I pushed my git-svn private repository to github today, in order to get enough testing to integrate it into mainstream doxygen. It's current features:

  • Code structure parsing is complete in principle, it should extract all the classes/method definitions. If not, please use the tracker at github, posting a full example showing the problem.
  • It features a rdoc compatibility mode (on by default), in which it parses all comments (outside method definitions) and interprets most of rdoc's markup.
  • The inner code parsing and cross-linking is very ineffective for now; most cross-links are currently not performed. This is one thing on which I'd like to work some day... Although you're welcome to have a go at it if you wish !

You can get an opinion of how it looks on the code of ctioga2. The doxygen configuration file can be found there.

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