Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thoughts about statsvn

Some time ago, I packaged statsvn, a pretty neat SVN repository analysis tool based on statcvs. To be truthful, I was quite amazed that no one had packaged it before, as I find it quite handy. It is currently in contrib, as it depends on statcvs that depends on libjfreechart-java that currently only works with Sun's java on AMD64 machines (at least, see the bug report).

A few comments about it: though it can work fine with remote repositories, it is highly recommended that you either take down the number of -threads, as many repositories out there do not like too many concurrent ssh accesses, or you rsync the whole repository to your local hard drive and work from a checkout of the local copy, as it will burn much less bandwidth and server time.

Of course, statistics of this kind are not to be taken too seriously, as they can be seriously biased by commit mistakes for instance, but they give the impression that work is being done, and that is pleasant ;-)...

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