Saturday, March 15, 2008

Emacs mode for machine-readable copyrights

I've been thinking that something that might help a wider adoption of the machine-readable copyright format is a proper emacs major mode for it. Well, at least, it does for me... So I started to write one. It is loosely based on debian-control-mode, although there is hardly any code left from it now. It only features syntax highlighting for now (including warning for licenses which were not on the wiki page at the time of the writing, or were marked as needing more discussions) but, after all, this is only my first emacs major mode...

The code can either be downloaded there, or from my bzr repository, in the debian-mr-copyright-mode directory

bzr branch

No debian package for that for now, as anyways it really should integrate dpkg-dev when it has matured somehow. Hope this helps !

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