Thursday, November 15, 2007

First days of heavy debian sponsoring

As I've rather recently joined the Debian Games Team, I've taken up a place of sponsor. Rather tedious when you have 80kB/s upload speed to upload several packages of 100M to 250M... I'm always using cowbuilder to build my packages, as I hate to install build-dependencies I will never use... And the benefit is of course to make sure it does build ! I've come up with several gotchas in my recent uploads:

  • changelog entries corresponding to never-uploaded versions
  • and, a subset of the former, first revisions of a new upstream source skipped

Here are how to feed cowbuilder to work with this properly. First, for simply unuploaded changelog entries:

cowbuilder --build --debbuildopts \
  -vLastUploadedVersion package.dsc

You can check the last uploaded version with rmadison. If the first debian revision was also skipped, you can force a sourceful upload with the following:

cowbuilder --build --debbuildopts \
  "-vLastUploadedVersion -sa" package.dsc

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