Sunday, October 28, 2007

SciYAG goes on...

Well, work is going on on SciYAG. I added an view to select on the experiment type, and I tried for the first time a little scale up: I brutally imported my ca. 2000 data files into the program. It takes a few seconds to import, but then, it is really fast. Some remarks:

  • I'm making very heavy use of the QStandardItemModel Qt class, and it scales up really easily, even with QtRuby. If you plan to make a model/view application in QtRuby, do not subclass QAbstractItemModel! The underlying model/view architecture make many calls to functions of the model, and calls from C++ to Ruby in QtRuby are prohibitive (compared to C++/C++ calls). Rather, fill in a QStandardItemModel, it is likely to work much faster.
  • I'm glad it scales up nicely: the navigation between my 2000 data files is very smooth and neat.
  • Currently, the function for reading text datafiles is written in pure Ruby, and it is apparently much too slow. I had planned a long time ago to rewrite that in C, and it looks like time has come to do so

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