Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A first draft of SciYAG...

After some time, I finally have the first working draft of the upcoming SciYAG ! Admittedly, it currently doesn't do much more than just displaying the entries, but that already is a start, because you can browse pretty fast...

Here are the main things I'll have to focus on over the next days or weels:

  • Provide a decent interface to change experiment types and then, most importantly, experience values (that would be under the current window)
  • Provide a way to group experiences so they share the same data when that makes sense (when they really share some experimental conditions - when the exact same buffer or temperature or... were used)
  • For the first version of SciYAG a year ago, I used QPainter::drawPath for painting my curves, which was fine at that time, but resulted in much hassle and too much Ruby code (much slower than C++). So I need to switch to the new 2D framework, QGraphicsScene/QGraphicsView - which wasn't available when I started back then
  • Put back all the navigation features (zoom and the like) that were part of the old SciYAG at one point in the past

As you can see, I have things to keep myself busy... I'll keep you posted here !

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