Friday, January 2, 2015

Release 0.11 of ctioga2

The new year is starting with a new release of ctioga2, with a lot of new features, such as:

  • patterned fills (shown on the right)
  • loops in command files
  • a CSS-like styling system (with full XPATH support)
  • a backend for mathematical functions of two variables
  • the possibility to hide elements that have been drawn before, useful for making animations using output-now for instance
  • the possibility to have grid elements spanning two or more columns and/or rows
  • many other improvements and bug-fixes

The new release is of course available using rubygems:

~ gem update ctioga2

It can also be downloaded from sourceforge.

The possibilities of the new styling system are particularly interesting, and I'm working on ways to make it more powerful, and providing series of default style files that anyone could use as they want. Among other future changes, I want to improve the position of ticks, especially when using non-linear axes, and add functions to draw vector fields (though this still needs some thinking). Enjoy, and a happy new year to everyone !

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