Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rubyforge is dead, but ctioga2 goes on...

In the light of the frequent recent downtimes of rubyforge, and thanks to the information from @copiousfreetime, I finally decided to move the hosting of ctioga2 away from rubyforge, to sourceforge. Transition went smooth, git is now the only VCS. Code is hosted at sourceforge and mirrored at github.

Work goes on on ctioga2. I've recently implemented a decent support for histograms. It is already much more powerful than the one in the old ctioga, but it is far from being feature-full. Here's a preview.

I'm slowly preparing a new release for ctioga2, that would incorporate quite some fixes since the last time, and quite a few nice features in addition to the histograms. Stay tuned !

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Anonymous said...

I'm curious, what made you choose Sourceforge as your project host? Seems like an odd choice these days, both with their decline into obsolescence and especially with the reputation they've created by adding malware to downloads.