Monday, April 7, 2008

Please, pretty please, do not group patches by files, but by topic !

I'm currently working on putting back vegastrike into shape, bringing slightly more recent code (only three years after the last sourceful upload). And I'm fighting with patches (a good dozen), trying to see what does not apply anymore and what still does, why some patch was written in the first place... I have two requests to the community about that (and, please, do flame me if you think differently ;-)...):

  • Please do not group patches by file, but by topic: if a patch modifies the name of a save directory, let it be the only patch to do that, even if it modifies files touched by other patches ! It is very annoying to have to go through the patches trying to see which hunk of which patch does what
  • As an extension of the first request, please document why patches are there in the first place: a small explanation is very helpful to determine if one needs to fight to refresh the patch and understand it, or if this is a minor, long-gone problem... Of course, you can only give meaningful description if you group the patches by topic.

Great thanks to all patch writers that think about the ones that could possibly follow them !

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