Wednesday, April 2, 2008

OOXML: Microsoft did win...

Bad news for the OpenSource/FreeSoftware community (or whatever you would wish to call it): ISO has just accepted Microsoft's Office Open XML file formats (see the suble alteration compared to a well known concurrent). Great. Even worse for me, it is apparently thanks to the French organization AFNOR. Fantastic. Now, we have two XML "office open document" formats accepted by ISO. That sounds so amazingly stupid that it's hard to believe... Just for information, the OpenDocument format, (the one from OpenOffice) has been accepted by ISO hardly more than a year ago !

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crf said...

Microsoft won a dead albatross.

I'd guess a large number of programmers at MS were wishing the ISO process would fail. They now are going have to eat it, 3 meals a day, for years.