Wednesday, January 2, 2008

(pre-)Introducing jardeps

Since I've joined the Debian Java Team, I've been working on a script to get as much information for packaging as we could get from jar files, such as their possible dependencies and so on. I've come up with a pretty neat tool, jardeps, based on jclassinfo, that can provide quite some information about java archives:

  • list classes/methods the archive provides
  • look for dependencies in other jars (still very rough, or way too slow)
  • and, what I've been working on recently, a way to spot differences in the interface/dependencies between two version of a package, a sort of debdiff for Java classes

I won't post the code yet, but I'll introduce it on the Java mailing lists as soon as jclassinfo makes it through the NEW queue (which it probably should have done today had I been more careful about copyright notices).

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