Wednesday, December 5, 2007

SciYAG is nearly ready !

I haven't been writing for a long time about SciYAG, but it does not mean that I didn't work on it. For what matters, I've been progressing quite a fair bit, to the point that I consider it releasable. Here comes the current features:

  • fast display of experiments, including quick selection of several experiments and zooming
  • editing of experiment types
  • saving the database in the form of a YAML file
  • editing type-related experiment "meta-data"
  • using experiment groups for meta-data shared across a whole group of experiments (say, same buffer, so same pH values)
  • different views of the experiments (type-based, file-based and group-based)

Although this really doesn't make all the features that are planned (see here for a reminder), it makes something I'd qualify as usable.

Actually, the only thing that refrains me from releasing is that I really should come up with a rudimentary documentation before I do so, and I simply don't have the energy/time/will for that now... Some time later (soon, hopefully) ? I really prefer adding some more features !

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