Wednesday, December 12, 2007

SciYAG has been released !

Finally, I've released SciYAG ! I actually released it quite a few days ago. And it has seen quite some modifications after that (among which a critical bug fix...). Among the new features, let's name a few little ones:

  • icons for experiments, directories and groups, adapted from gnome and KDE iconset, all in SVG as I discovered that Qt4 natively deals with SVG icons (great !)
  • You can now edit Experiment Groups in the Type view as well
  • Some usability fixes, such as shortcuts for commonly repeated things
  • It starts to actually look good !

I'm starting to use it heavily for my own work, so it will have to improve fast !

1 comment:

Richard said...

Could you provide some instructions on how to install SciYAG? I was actually thinking of writing a program very similar until I came across SciYAG. The only trouble is that your sourceRuby page doesn't have any instructions on how to install it. Thanks for the help!