Saturday, November 17, 2007

reftex-toc like code browsing

I use AUCTeX for typing long LaTeX documents with emacs and I especially appreciate the so-called reftex-toc interactive mode for browsing the table of contents of the document, jumping to the relevant position.

I've been missing for a while something similar for code. While the utility of reftex-toc is somehow limited, because I (and most probably many other people) tend to write textual documents linearly, I write code absolutely not in a linear fashion - so I spend a fair amount of my time looking for where I've written a given function... Until I decided to write a reftex-toc-like code browsing tool. It is based on imenu, which I find not very convenient. It works for Ruby code (within one file, does not work across file boundaries for now - which is probably better), and is really rudimentary, but functional enough. You can download it here. In the hope you might find a use for it...

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Sébastien said...

Le lien vers "imenu-toc" ne fonctionne plus. C'est bien dommage car je cherche moi aussi à avoir un menu à la Auctex pour mes programmes.
Merci quand même pour ce post qui m'a aiguillé vers 'imenu' que je ne connaissais pas.