Sunday, October 14, 2007

What I'm waiting for in the NEW queue

The NEW queue is where new Debian packages (packages that install packages which were not before in the Debian archive) are waiting for a short review before being let in. This review is mainly about legal problems, though you can find here a list of the reasons for which a package could be rejected.

It so happens that there are currently some packages which I'm interested in, and too lazy to fetch and build myself:

  • Of course, the first one is freecol, which I packaged myself and can't wait for it to become part of the official Debian distribution. (and I guess that will please the original developers as well !).
  • Still about games, I'm interested in the lordsawar package, which seems to be a rather neat strategic game as well.
  • Finally, I've stumbled upon homebank, which seems to be a really neat personal accounting software. I'm currently using grisbi, which is nice, but doesn't satisfy me somehow. I'll post more about this if I ever come to switch to HomeBank

As a last note, please consider that the links in the list above will eventually (and rather soon) be broken, when the packages have gone out of the NEW queue. They are only here for me to check more easily the status of the aforementioned packages... So, don't go looking for them, and don't complain !

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