Friday, October 12, 2007

The aurical fonts for LaTeX

I've just been writing some cards for the birth of my daughter, and I've been looking for nice-looking fonts for LaTeX. I'm using the texlive distribution (Debian packages). So I've installed the texlive-fonts-extra package, and I had a quick look at all the pdf files therein:

for f in `dpkg -L texlive-fonts-extra | grep pdf`; do \
[ -h $f ] || xpdf $f; done

The [ -h $f ] || blurb is here to prevent reading the same file twice via a symlink. I found many interesting things, but not that many "fancy" fonts - apart from one package, aurical, that provides neat handwriting-like fonts. Attached is what I obtained with the \Fontlukas command. Hope you'll find this useful !

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Ziofil said...

thanks! that is exactly what i was looking for! : )